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The goals of the World investment organization

Our Goals

  • Creating an investment pool that contains projects and investments available in all parts of the world

  • Creating investment opportunities for all investors in their home countries

  • Shedding light on Arab companies and institutions and highlighting them to the world

  • Developing startup companies and training them to be qualified to enter global markets

  • Shedding light on the most prominent investment projects around the world

  • Shedding light on the civilizations and the importance of their wealth

  • Assisting all businessmen and women in establishing their own projects

  • Creating and merging Arab and international companies into private investment groups to create a support force between them and create joint businesses

  • Establishing committees of investors from all around the world to adopt and implement the ideas and projects of emerging youth to ensure their belonging and stay in their homeland

  • Holding awareness seminars for all factories, institutions and companies to develop their work and elevate them to compete and enter global markets by developing their products and business and enabling them to manage it at the required and global level.

  • Creating a financial wallet that helps in the growth of investment projects in developing countries and securing them

  • Organizing development programs to support educational projects

  • Organizing development programs to support industrial projects

  • Organizing development programs to support agricultural projects

  • Organizing development programs to support housing projects for low-income families

  • Organizing development programs to stimulate tourism and touristic projects.

  • Organizing development programs for women, strengthening their role and highlighting its importance in building the individual and society, and securing job opportunities for them, especially the breadwinners for their families

  • Financing investment projects (real estate - commercial - technological - industrial - agricultural - touristic - development - and humanitarian)

  • Spreading the concepts of love and peace among nations.

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