The word of the General Secretary and CEO
It is my pleasure to put all of my experiences, capabilities and effort in the service of the objectives of the International Investment Organization to play its role in serving societies and developing both people and stone to build a safe and sound society and environment that serves the interests of our homeland and its people.
Based on my experience in managing international organizations for more than ten consecutive years, during which I have organized many international exhibitions and conferences, set development programs in many countries of the world, thrived to enhance trade exchange between countries and to organize awareness campaigns for members of society on various important topics, I sought, for many years, to develop the role of Arab women in business, and my greatest passion was in gathering investment opportunities and attracting investors from around the world. I have achieved many international successes and few losses throughout my career, as I had received many international awards and honoring for the role that I played when I presided many organizations and implemented many investment programs during the previous years.
This is where the idea of ​​establishing an organization concerned with investments of all kinds came to life, and the study continued for several years on this project, in cooperation with people of thought and experience, through economic consultations for the needs of societies for such organizations.
Thus we established the “World Investment Organization” in Britain so that this platform can become the Investment pool for all development projects that help in improving in our homelands to the highest levels and standards, as it can be the supporter to all members of societies in developing countries and work to provide a sound social environment for them through human investments and adopting youth ideas from all around the world by supporting investment projects (real estate - commercial - technological - industrial - agricultural - tourism - development - and humanity), in condition that these projects are poured into the service of the largest social segment, and that the proceeds would be returned to the  humanitarian work in countries in need, and to lend a helping hand to them.
General Secretary & CEO
Dr. Abir Farah

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