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The law of the World Investment Organization is a set of foundations and rules that must be adhered to and acted upon for everyone who wishes to join it. Its members must abide by the laws and regulations of this organization, as this law and order preserves the rights of associates first, and informs them of their rights and duties towards the organization and towards others.
The law is what sets the rules that define the rights and duties of individuals, and in the event that these rules and principles are violated, each individual bears the results of his actions and is referred to the Disciplinary and Investigation Committee to decide on his matter. As the official rules often change according to the developments and changes that occur in society and in the work plan, the rules and foundations, however, remain constant.
And because the law exists to protect the rights of all parties and to ensure the safety of professional, social and economic relations in the correct manner, therefore, affiliates must adhere to the following conditions: Commitment and acceptance of othe
  • Refraining from talking about politics, religion and racism, either from near or from afar.
  • Reviewing and agreeing to the terms and regulations of the organization before signing the affiliation application.
  • Determining the type of projects they wish to enter and participate in.
  • The financial capacity of the company wishing to join the organization must be shown, in order to determine the category of membership that he is entitled to obtain according to the following evaluation:
  1. If the capital ranges from £ 100,000 one hundred thousand sterling pounds to £ 1,000,000 million sterling pounds, the affiliate is entitled to obtain a third-class investor card with a certificate attested by the organization.
  2. If the capital ranges from £ 1,000,000 one million sterling pounds to £ 5,000,000 five million sterling pounds, he is entitled to obtain a second-class investor card with a certificate issued by the organization.
  3. If the capital ranges from £ 5,000,000 five million sterling pounds and above, he is entitled to obtain a first-class investor card with an attested certificate issued by the organization.
  •  The affiliate must submit all the documents and supporting documents related to him and his companies that the organization requires when submitting the application, and they are as follows:
  1. A copy of the passport.
  2. A photo in a formal attire.
  3. A copy of the business card.
  4. Criminal record.
  5. The company register or registration certificate, provided that it is existing and official.
  6. Fill out the affiliation application, sign it and stamp it from by the person concerned.
  7. Submit an account statement for the last three months or show the company's financial solvency.
  8. Pay the due fees
  •  If the affiliate wishes to register his project in the organization in order to obtain all the advantages that it provides, he must do the following:
  1. He must fulfill all his financial and moral obligations towards the organization.
  2. He must own the project personally or formally and exclusively authorized by him.
  3. He must invest at least 20% in the same project.
  4. His project must be qualified within the applicable specifications and approved by the specialized technical committee of the organization.
  5. He has to submit a complete project file of maps and technical and economic studies.
  6. He must sign a contract authorizing the organization with the right to    speak about the project and present its details in all councils and conferences, as well as during public and private events, as the organization is an integral part of the project and its sponsor, as well as a percentage allocated as a return to the organization’s fund determined according to the project. This funding is dedicated to donations and profits from any contract concluded through the organization, to support all humanitarian and development projects which is the Organization’s most important goals.
  • The member must participate in the activities and programs he is invited to, if he is able to do so.
  • If the affiliate conducts activities within the organization during the first three years, he will be exempt from registration fees for the following years, or he will receive a discount valued at the size of his participation during the joining period.
  • The affiliate must safeguard the issued membership card by the organization and not destroy it or lose it, otherwise its holder will be fined an amount of $ 500 to obtain a new one with new credentials.
  • The affiliation fee is considered as a donation to the organization and goes to support the funds for humanitarian activities and programs that the organization sets throughout the year. These fees are not refundable for any reason.
  • All affiliates must adhere to the terms and regulations set by the general administration of the organization when it comes to international exhibitions and conferences to which the affiliates are invited.
  • The World Investment Organization bears all of its responsibilities regarding contracts, sales, marketing, and services it provides to all its affiliated members through which it takes place exclusively, and it is the guarantor of any contract or investment deal concluded. Otherwise, the organization is not responsible, neither closely nor from afar, for the failure of any contract, transactions or communication between its affiliates without reviewing it and working through it, and it does not bear any responsibility towards that or towards others.
  • In the event that any affiliated member wishes to inquire about any project or deal that have been proposed by the organization in any country, he must send an official letter issued by his company directed to us in order to consider and respond to it, otherwise, any correspondence that is not in the official form, will not be taken seriously and will be directly archived.
  • All requests are answered with approval or rejection within a maximum period of 10 days from the time the file is submitted. In the event of approval to join, the card and official documents issued by the organization shall be delivered within a maximum period of 30 days after payment of the participation fees.
  • An annual report will be prepared for each affiliate who participated and contributed in the success of the activities, programs and projects carried out by the organization during the year (either material or moral). This report is to be presented during the annual conference organized by the organization around the world, with international sponsors, and they will be provided with a shield of appreciation for their efforts during the conference.
  • All members must inform the management if it becomes apparent to them of any negligence, criticism, illegal dealings, or use of the name of the organization by suspicious parties.
  • No affiliate has the right to circulate or publish any news about the organization on his own accord that is not issued by the official websites of the organization. He must pledge to preserve the organization's reputation in public gatherings.
  • Any affiliate who offends the management or any affiliated member or violates the rules and laws of the organization, will have a warning statement circulated about him and will be removed from the list of members and placed on the blacklist on the official website while publishing all the reasons and documents that incriminated him.
  • Any statement or declaration that does not bear the organization’s seal is considered invalid, and the World Investment Organization has nothing to do with it, neither from near nor from afar, and any obligations are removed from it and is subject to legal prosecution by the competent authorities.
  • All members must inform the administration in case they do not want to renew their membership one-month prior its expiration deadline and must hand it over to the Head Quarters, otherwise the member must pay the renewal fees automatically.
  • In case of any neglect, objection, or inquiry, you can send an email to the administrative body or complaints department to be directly reviewed and resolved. You can reach us on : Support@worldinvestment.org.uk
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