Feasibility and marketing studies.

feasibility studies at the present time as a wave of investment decisions in line with the desires and capabilities of consumers on the basis of harmonization between commercial profitability and social responsibility would be regarded as the appropriate choice, the best investment opportunities ever

How to work on Feasibility and Marketing Studies
• Provide technical, financial and legal studies.
• Provide Markets’ studies and research.
• Studies of the product or service along with the pricing policy, the promotional studies and the studies for a potential market.
Objectives of feasibility Studies
  • Work to take the correct and necessary decision to accept or reject the project.
  • Identify the project's chances of success and the obstacles it faces.
  • Ensure that the project is successful and that it achieves the expected investment return.
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Supporting Humanitarian Projects

Humanitarian work is a civilizational feature and a human phenomenon .The formula for success may be in its simplest basis. It only needs to define goals and develop strategic plans for business, while providing good management that conducts its activities in a transparent and efficient manner in accordance with a clear financial system of entrances and exits.

Goals of Humanitarian Action
The World Investment Organization seeks to achieve its most important goals, which are organizing and supporting major projects around the world to secure materialistic income for the development and support of all humanitarian projects aimed at serving society and its members in all sectors and fields, including:

  • Supporting  health sector.
  • Supporting educational programs.
  • Supporting the environmental sector.
  • Supporting children to secure their livelihood rights
  • Supporting women to get  involved in  the business world.
  • Supporting reconstruction projects in countries affected by accidents, natural disasters and wars.

Local and global marketing.

The World Investment Organization provides the most important promotional means for any product or project and provides the desired goals at the lowest costs in cooperation with the most important platforms concerned with this .The Organization also sponsors all products and projects of its affiliated members for free through campaigns, programs and periodic activities carried out by the Organization around the world.

The significance of developing marketing plans
The marketing plan is a written document in which the advertising and marketing strategy that the organization will adopt, for the benefit of the company, is determined  to reach the potential customers, the target group, and create a base of customers.
Instructions for advertising campaigns for the product or service provided by the company shall be written in this document, as well as about public relations that will be conducted over a period of time, monthly, quarterly or annually.
It is worth noting that companies that have marketing plans or a documented marketing strategy, and that implement and act accordingly, have high and certain success rates.
What are the most important conditions that the Organization relies on to ensure the best marketing plans?
  • ​Studying of commercial markets in terms of prices of goods or services
  •  knowing what new products are in the market and when they will enter.
  •  Targeting some demographic factors and geographical areas of the target market
  • Choosing a platform for promoting the product, whether it will be digital, through radio and television, in newspapers and commercial magazines, or on the Internet, or a combination of these platforms.

It is well known that any investment or commercial activity needs to build a solid foundation to avoid and overcome economic problems, and when thinking about any projects, of course, more money is pumped for the sake of the project success , but where do you have the guarantees that assure you the success of the project compared to other existing projects ! Therefore, the investment idea must be structured and crystallized in a theoretical and scientific framework to know the correct area to be located on. Yet, ordinary people cannot develop plans and strategies. Therefore, it is necessary to seek the help of specialists to obtain the best desired results and here comes the role of the Organization to provide investment, commercial, media and legal advice by specialists and experts who provide advice that guarantees your rights and the success of your projects

What characterizes the consulting department in the World Investment Organization is the following:
What characterizes  the consulting department in the World Investment Organization is the following:
  • The Department of Economic Consulting and Business Plans in the World Investment Organization has the best team of experts, consultants and specialists, in providing advice related to marketing, legal, administrative, financial and other advice that entrepreneurs need for the success of their investment projects.
  • helping the feasibility studies department in a professional and distinctive way based on real scientific numbers and statistics that are not fictional, and this is what helps entrepreneurs to know the current economical conditions
  • Knowing the risks and threats that limit the success of the project.
  • Gathering all the information related to the feasibility study correctly to analyze it and knowing the extent and size of the market requirements for the goods and services provided by the project to choose the most appropriate times in which the products are launched to the markets and users, or to start the project
  • Enabling investors to know and study investment alternatives by knowing what kind of investments the market needs.
  • Helping to know the appropriate plan for the work and knowledge of the human production capacity to work within the project while determining project priorities along with the prices of product launching  and the form of advertising and promotional campaigns for the project, in addition to choosing the best and most appropriate ways to develop the appropriate tactical and strategic plan i to advance the project and achieve the desired goals.
Get now the best economic, financial, administrative, marketing and legal advice through the Global Investment Organization that will help you advance your investment project and achieve the best results.
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Establishing companies around the world.

There are several forms of companies, including the so-called solidarity companies, others called limited liability companies, and limited joint stock companies, and each type has its own circumstances and foundations, all of which seek to protect the rights of partners and distribute and manage the work in a scientific way that achieves the success of the project and reduces the percentage of failure, as the project becomes a trade name and record Official in state departments. Establishing a successful company is one of the businesses that requires the implementation of a set of appropriate procedures and the right steps to do so, to save you effort and money.

What are the steps for establishing a company?
  • Determining the type of the company (a single-person company, a solidarity company, a limited liability company, a private joint stock company).
  • Determining the company's activity
  • Determining a trade name for the project
  • Designing the  company's logo to indicate its work.
  • Determining the share capital
  • Registrating of companies in a formal way
  • Determining the company's headquarters, address and phone numbers
  • Preparing the promotional material

Organizing International Exhibitions and Conferences

Events and exhibitions are an important economic tool for small and medium enterprises, as they represent a means for companies to meet with each other to form business relations among them and exchange technical expertise, and highlight the importance of events and exhibitions in general because they provide distinct opportunities for direct interaction with the target audience, offering visions and ideas and providing complete information in a clear way, which helps in direct marketing, increasing the volume of sales, marketing and making deals, understanding consumers' needs better and trying to meet them by providing suitable products for them. Exhibitions are also considered one of the most important marketing tools that carry continuous innovation and development in ideas and methods of advertising and attraction to achieve the required marketing objectives for all investment projects.

Our mission :
  • ​Marketing and promoting the products and services of small and medium enterprises through organizing exhibitions locally and the participation of other bodies in international exhibitions, in addition to nominating the participation of institutions and companies in exhibitions and events organized by government agencies and the private sector.
  • Helping entrepreneurs to develop  their products and market their investment projects in a manner to  commensurate with the market requirements.
  • Enhancing the positive competitiveness of existing institutions.
  • Benefiting from successful experiences in management, production and marketing.
  • Promoting the inculcation of a culture of entrepreneurship and self-employment among young people and youth.
  • Helping entrepreneurs and women entrepreneur to take the initiative in establishing and implementing private projects and pioneering in managing, developing and developing them in all aspects.
  • Contributing to the success of small and medium enterprises by finding marketing and promotional outlets that lead to the development of their projects and increase the added value in the local economy]
What is the benefit of your participation in exhibitions and events?
  • Increase sales and financial return, by offering and selling your products and services to all groups visiting the exhibition.
  • Forming a network of communication and building business relationships with participating institutions and visiting companies
  • Building relationships with customers through direct communication, which is the most convincing in selling.
  • Getting to know the participating institutions, creating cooperation with the participants, and gaining experience in several aspects.
  • Penetrateing your product and investment project into the market in a short period of time through marketing advertisements before and during the exhibition, and adding information about your organization in the exhibition directory.​organization in the exhibition directory.
Organization's Exhibitions Programs
The organization works through the Department of Exhibitions and Conferences to support and develop the so-called business tourism

Business tourism (meant tourist trips for the purpose of attending or participating in exhibitions, conferences, and meetings. )Many countries have been interested in developing these trips by developing related elements such as developing exhibition centers, conferences, hotels, and airports, developing the organizational environment and government procedures, developing human capabilities and marketing them. "
The World Investment Organization focuses on developing these trips by directing official invitations to companies and institutions concerned with international events to attend these activities and take advantage of the investment and commercial opportunities available through them and provide all logistical services from official invitations, secure hotel accommodations, official reception for delegations, and provide them with bilateral meetings with the concerned parties and owners of economic decisions and entrepreneurs.
If you are a member of the Global Investment Organization, all logistical services and official invitations will be for  free

Intermediary and Commercial Agencies

Commercial mediation takes place through a commercial contract conducted between a seller and buyer and between a project owner and an investor through the World Investment Organization to facilitate the completion of the sale, purchase or contracting process, as the organization is able to control the largest number of clients, projects and commercial deals of all kinds in the largest number of countries of the world, which makes it a franchise commercial real estate broker

Why us?
Because contracting through the World Investment Organization will enable you verify the credibility of any deal, client or real estate because the Organization's capabilities extend to all legal references and it has experts and consultants who look at all the projects and deals offered and evaluate them well.
How do we work on mediation?
  • Secure and ensure logistics.
  • Provide and market the global agencies.
  • Care for the requirements of companies and factories to and from all countries around the world.

Processing and Granting International Quality Certificates:

Many companies producing goods or services today want to obtain a quality management system certificate, which has implications for the importance of its work process, customer confidence , and product/ work quality guarantees.

we work on :
  • Qualifying and aiding companies to obtain international quality certificates.
  • Designing  systems in accordance with international specifications.
  • Supervisioning and following -up of the designed and certified system.  ​

Ensuring Financial Facilities:

Funding is one of the most important steps that entrepreneurs are keen to ensure at the start of work on their projects, whether the financing on which the project is based is self-contained, or through various other sources, the project owner must be aware of the financial resources that the project needs.

Providing Investment Opportunities as well as Attracting Investors

The World Investment Organization provides investment opportunities from around the world through the network of international relations that it owns that makes it an official and safe reference for the most important investment opportunities around the world and through its establishment of the largest global investment pool that includes the most important small and large investment projects in all sectors

How does the Organization work to secure investment opportunities?
  • Communicate with decision-makers and officials, and secure an open investment and economic opportunities.
  • Seize and take advantage of investment opportunities in all countries.
  • Help investors create and provide the best trading and investment opportunities available and economic activities across countries.
  • Attract and engage capitals and investors from around the world.
  • Activating and revitalizing investment and economic activities across countries.

Public Relations.

The World Investment Organization adopts a special methodology that creates strong interactive relationships between institutions and the societies in which it operates. It works closely with its clients to ensure the optimum utilization of modern means of communication by activating their contribution to advancing the development of the local community and the economy.

 We ensure you


  • companies and local customers.
  • Privilege rights for all activities “Franchise”
  • Sign of foreign Agreements of the agency
  • Management of obligations and linkage between foreign
  • Public relations with international and domestic companies andinstitutions addressing companies, following joint actions and bringing inexternal agencies.

Business and Enterprise Development of all kinds

Business development is vital to a successful startup. If sales are the backbone of a business, then business development is the backbone of sales themselves. Business development is not limited to "communication" only, but includes other things, such as setting strategies, thinking about the future and discipline.

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