A visit to the advisor of the Prime Minister

The World Investment Organization visited the Prime Minister’s Adviser, Saad Hariri, for Northern Affairs, Mr. Abdul Ghani Kabbara

Among the economic moves carried out by the World Investment Organization with a group of businesswomen and businessmen from Beirut, North, South, Bekaa and the Mountain, Dr. Abir Farah, Secretary-General of the Organization, Counselor Mustafa Shandab, and Mr. Hassan Hasna and Mr. Fadi Omran, Adviser to the Prime Minister Saad Hariri for Northern Affairs, Mr. Abd Ghani Kabara, where they discussed the general economic situation in the north and the elaboration of the proposed project to establish a free market at the Rashid Karama Fair in Tripoli and the great benefit that will accrue to the region in terms of development, trade and economy.